1. In what varieties is Franzia available?
    Franzia offers three delicious wine styles to satisfy today's wine lover. Visit About the Wines on our homepage to learn more.

  2. Where can I get nutritional information on Franzia wines?
    The US government has strict regulations of what information is included on alcoholic beverage labels. To learn more about the nutritional information on your favorite Franzia wine, visit our Nutrition page.

  3. Are Franzia products Vegan friendly?
    Our products do not contain any animal products at bottling. Some commercially produced base wines are treated with milk fining or gelatin in rare instances during processing, however to the best of our knowledge none of these products remain in the wine after processing.

  1. Are Franzia wines gluten free?
    Franzia wines are gluten free.

  2. What is the shelf life of Franzia WineTaps®?
    Once opened, Franzia WineTaps will last up to six weeks. Independent studies show that the last glass is as fresh as the first.

  3. Why do you add a date on each Franzia package?
    We are committed to delivering fresh wine every time. Our Freshness Assurance Date code, which is clearly printed on the top of each WineTap, insures the wine will taste fresh. Enjoy by the date indicated.

  1. Does your wine need to be refrigerated after opening?
    Once opened, you can refrigerate Franzia to keep them as fresh as possible. If you like room temperature reds, remove the WineTap from the fridge about an hour before serving.

  2. Do you sell online or direct to consumers?
    We currently do not offer Franzia over the Internet or via direct mail. If you have a specific wine you need help locating, please speak with the owner or manager of your favorite store and request it. All Franzia varieties are available where fine wines are sold. Just ask.

  3. Is your winery open to the public/give tours?
    Thank you for your interest, but we currently do not give winery tours and are not open to the public.

  1. Where can I purchase Franzia wine in my area?
    Visit our store locator and enter your Zip Code and product information.

  2. Do you have any Franzia promotional items for sale?
    Thank you for your interest, but we do not produce any Franzia promotional items (i.e. t-shirts, hats, pin, posters, etc.) to sell to consumers.

Descriptions - Dry

Cabernet SauvignonThe most popular red varietal wine. Dry and medium bodied with cherry and plum flavors.
Chardonnay An excellent, dry white wine with creamy citrus and passion fruit flavors. Well balanced with a clean finish. The most popular white varietal wine in America.
Merlot A dry red wine with a spicy, cherry character and a hint of oak.
Chianti A classic medium-bodied red wine with ripe cherry flavors and a satisfying finish. Perfect with pasta and fowl. Serve at room temperature or slightly chilled.

Descriptions - Medium Dry

BurgundyClassic red wine, robust with blackberry flavors. Excellent with meat and pasta dishes.
Chablis A semi-dry white wine with fresh, citrus, pear flavors. The best selling white wine in America and a great consumer value.
Chianti Smooth, delicious red wine with spicy blackberry flavors and light tannic finish. Serve chilled or at room temperature.
Pinot GrigioA fresh, light-bodied white wine with citrus flavors and a vibrant finish. Enjoy with salads and grilled seafood. Serve chilled.
Refreshing WhiteA medium dry white wine with intense floral aromas and a pleasing, easy to enjoy white wine with melon and apple flavors and a refreshing finish. Serve chilled.
White Zinfandel A blush wine made from the Zinfandel grape. Crisp with delicious strawberry flavors and a light rose color. America's most popular varietal wine type.
Crisp WhiteA white wine with floral aromas and fruit flavors. Medium dry.

Descriptions - Less Dry

Sunset BlushDelicate pink color, with strawberry flavors, easy to drink, very refreshing.
Chillable Red A lighter red blend with red berry and blackberry flavors that is less dry than traditional reds. More body and flavor than blush wines. Made to be served chilled.
White Grenache A delicious blush with flavors reminiscent of White Zinfandel. Excellent for sipping or with a range of foods.
White Merlot A semi-dry blush with delicious raspberry aromas. Serve chilled. Complements spicy Latin or Asian cuisine.

Descriptions - Sweet

Fruity Red SangriaA refreshing red with flavors of citrus fruit and just the right amount of sweetness. Serve chilled over ice.
RhineA fresh and crisp white wine with floral aromas and sweet flavors. Serve with lighter meats and cheeses. Serve chilled.
Sweet ChardonnayA delightful sweet white wine with tropical fruit flavors. Enjoy with spicy food or barbecue fare. Serve chilled.
Sweet MerlotDeliciously sweet, this wine is luscious and velvety with hints of mocha on the finish.