How-To Make Your Own Franzia Boxed Wine Costume

This Halloween costume is sure to make you the life of the party this year. Here we’ll tell you exactly how to make your own Franzia boxed wine costume in four easy steps, including downloadable templates!

Step 1: Grab a medium sized moving box (20 x 20 x 20), a pencil, scissors, and tape. Then print out the template for the varietal of your choice from one of the links below. Pour yourself a glass of Franzia.

Costume templates:




Step 2: Using the print-outs as a guide, mark and cut holes on the box for your head, arms, and torso.

Step 3: Attach print-outs to box with the double-sided tape.

Step 4: And…done! Your DIY Franzia boxed wine costume is complete. Now round up your franz and head to the party!

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