Five Hair-Dos to Make you Rethink Your Man-Bun

Remember that old photo you found of your dad? You know, the one where he had a perm and some really ugly clothes. You probably made fun of him, laughed at the photo, and maybe even posted it to social media ridiculing him. Well, guess what? That was the style back in those days. Truth. But now, you mock him, as you should.

There are definitely styles that never go out of fashion – classic styles that stand the test of time. But, look in the mirror. That pile of hair on top of your head, do you think that is one of those styles that you will look back on in ten or twenty years and think to yourself, “damn, I looked good!”

So, in addition to the 70’s perm, here are four more hair-dos that might make you consider cutting that man-bun.

The Comb-Over

These days most men who are losing their hair simply shave their heads. Bald has become acceptable. Some might even say bald is beautiful. But there was a time that men chose to pretend they were not losing their luscious locks. They simply hid the issue with a beautiful sweep of longer hair brushed over the bald patch, aka the comb-over. And no one ever knew they were follicley-challenged. Or so they thought. Just one good gust of wind was quite revealing. Of course, they looked ridiculous. But they thought they looked good. Why? Because that was the style.

The Mullet

Or Shlong (short-long). Or Business Up Front, Party in the Back. Call it what you will, but the mullet has been sported by countless adolescents over the years. Is it long hair? Is it short hair? It’s both. Why make a choice when you can have the best of both worlds? Well, the answer is simple. Look at a photo of someone proudly displaying their schizophrenic mane and you will know, short or long, either choice would be better than a mullet. Fortunately, most kids grow out of it, but during those years when they rock the sh-long, they think they look pretty cool.

The Rat-Tail

Believe it or not, there was a time when people wore their hair short but left a long tail to grow from that patch of cropped hair. New wave women of the 80s made this style look good. But guys looked, um, not-so-good. And when they look back on old photos, they know it’s true. Nobody ever says, “man, I am going to grow that rat-tail back!”


Seriously? Who knows what’s going on with this guy’s hair. But, suffice it to say, no man should be sporting braided cornrows unless you are on a tropical island (and that’s still debatable!), a rapper or a professional soccer player. And, bro, you are none of the above.

Every one of these hair styles was considered fashionable by those who wore them. And yet, these are the pictures they all try to hide now that they have grown up. Those pictures and those hair-dos haunt them. You may think the man-bun is different. But, is it really? With social media, photos will never really be gone. So, cut your losses… and cut that man-bun.