DIY Wine Tie Dye

Boy do we have the perfect hot day activity for you! We’ve combined your two favorite pastimes: drinking wine and adding a unique colorful splash to all of the white cotton shirts in your home. Yes, we’re talking tie dye! If you’re looking for a fun and easy DIY project to do outside this weekend, this is it. So FRANZ, lets tie dye with wine!
Disclaimer: These instructions are for a t-shirt, however, the same tie dye method will work on other white fabrics that are 100% cotton – like socks, bed sheets, curtains, scrunchies, sweatbands, etc. – you’ll just need more wine.

Wine Tye Dye with text overlay: FRANZ FOR LIFE.

What you’ll need:

White, 100% cotton t-shirt
Large bowl
Plastic tablecloth
Rubber bands
Rubber gloves
1 Box of Franzia, any red varietal of your choosing
 we recommend using our Dark Red Blend, but any red varietal will work



  1. First, prep your t-shirt. Make sure to wash the t-shirt beforehand, and do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets. They can leave a residue on the fabric that will repel the wine/dye.
  2. To get started, pour yourself a glass of wine and prepare your wine dying station. Cover up your work area with a plastic tablecloth. We highly recommend setting this activity up outside for super easy cleanup. Then, in a large bowl pour approximately 4 cups of Franzia.
  3. Twist your t-shirt into your favorite design, securing with the rubber bands. There are countless design possibilities. For a classic tie dye spiral, lay your t-shirt flat, then pinching in the center, twist your fingers to begin the spiral. Keep twisting until your t-shirt resembles a cinnamon roll. Secure with rubber bands to hold your t-shirt in this position. The tighter the rubber bands, the more dramatic the design will be.
  4. Now, fully immerse your bundled-up t-shirt in the wine. Or you can pour wine over the t-shirt if you’re feeling creative. Do what feels right to you, because #art. The more immersed your t-shirt is in the wine, the more vibrant the colors will be. Add more wine if needed, after all, you have a whole box.
  5. Now we wait – approximately 6-12 hours that is. Patience is a virtue. Some witty banter over a glass of Franzia with your friends should help pass the time.
  6. High five yourself for patiently waiting. We just have a little bit further to go. Using gloves carefully remove your t-shirt from the bowl. To set the color, heat your oven to 170°, then place your bundled-up t-shirt on an oven safe baking sheet and bake for 30-minutes. Rinse your t-shirt (still bundled) with cold water until the water runs clear. Then, remove all of the rubber bands and rinse again. Finally, hang and let air dry in the sunshine.


And viola! You now have the coolest, one-of-a-kind Franzia tie dye t-shirt on the planet. Please remember to wash this shirt with dark colors when it joins your laundry pile. We’d hate for you to unintentionally dye all of your other white clothing. Now go make shirts for all of your FRANZ!


We want to see your creations, tag us @FranziaWines.