Creative Ways to Virtually Hangout with Friends

Are you bored in the house, bored in the house, bored? Are your virtual happy hours losing their original magic? We’ve been at this for a minute now and we miss hanging out with our friends IRL too. Trust us when we say that we feel your struggle. We’re right here with you, and ready to help you step up the creativity of your virtual hangouts. Life is better when you’re connected with FRANZ, even if it’s just virtually.

Friends cheersing during a virtual meeting with a box of Franzia

5 Creative Ways to Virtually Hangout with FRANZ


  1. Host a FANCY virtual cocktail hour

    Please note how we capitalized FANCY above. Got a tux in the closet? Perfect – wear it. Fancy bridesmaids dress you thought you’d never wear again? Awesome – pop it on. It’s time for formal night baby! It’s probably been a while since you’ve gotten yourself all dolled up. So figure out where you put your hairspray or gel and get your hair camera ready. Oh, and try to remember how to do that winged eyeliner-thing you always used to wear out. Heat up the fanciest frozen meal you have, sip wine out of the most elegant glasses you own and enjoy your living room. The screen shots from this evening will be hilariously legendary, promise.

    Man dressed up ready for his fancy cocktail hour with Franzia, he'll be participating virtually.

  2. Play a virtual game

    Friday wine and game night is on people! It will amaze you how many games can be played via video conference: two truths and a lie, would you rather, trivia, most likely, ten fingers, show and tell, eye spy… the possibilities are endless. Playing these games will teach you a lot about your friends and lead to ridiculous amounts of laughter. The only rule: what happens at game night, stays at game night. You’ll be bonded for life.

    Franzia virtual game night

  3. Make Sunday brunch a thing, virtually

    Sunday brunch has always been and will always be   t h e   b e s t   time to catch up on the week’s gossip, and this holds true even in today’s crazy world. Just because we’re all at home doesn’t mean that Jessica doesn’t have updates on her relationship with Kyle. We highly recommend making a video reservation for Sundays at 10:00 am to catch-up over french toast and coffee. The experience will capture all the magic of Sunday brunch, just virtually. Don’t forget, brunch without wine is just a late breakfast.

    a woman with her hair in a messy bun getting ready for sunday brunch, virtually, with Franzia

  4. Lead a virtual workout for the crew

    Raise your hand if you’ve been spending an absurd amount of time sitting on the couch streaming your favorite tv shows all day. Time to get you and the squad up and moving. Nominate one person to lead the rest of the crew in a workout of their choice. You can teach a dance lesson, or even a yoga class as long as you namaSTAY at home. You might be boujee enough to own your own weights, but if you don’t, a box of Franzia is an excellent substitute. Squats, lunge presses, bent over rows – you can do it all with your favorite box of wine. This workout is our favorite of all time because you can enjoy a glass of wine immediately once you finish exercising. We’ll wait while you try to think of something better…

    Franzia fan virtually working out with a box of wine and his dog

  5. Teach a virtual cooking show

    Bring the webcam into the kitchen and show your friends how you customize your frozen pizza or add that extra pizzazz to your ramen noodles. If you’re feeling adventurous you can attempt something more advanced like roasting an actual chicken. We’ll let you phone a friend and call your grandma for advice if you need. You don’t need to be culinary extraordinaire; cooking fails are hilarious to share too. Make it a competition and challenge your friends every week to see who can make the most unique, complex or downright weird meal. Please tag us in your innovative creations.

    Teaching a cooking class virtually featuring a box of chillable red and a hot dog with franzia written in mustard.


When all else fails, grab a box of wine, call a friend and whine. We’re all in this together, and we’ll get through it together with a little help from our friends. Stay home and stay safe FRANZ!

Oh, and we made these totally rad Franzia backgrounds for your next video chat. Click and download your favorite!

Franzia Chillable Red Static Background

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