Proper Tailgating Etiquette – The Rules of Tailgating

It’s that time of the year again! What time? Football time! As you bust out your tailgating gear, don’t forget proper tailgating etiquette: 

Person enjoying Franzia wines at a tailgate

The Rules of Tailgating 

1) ETA for a Tailgate 

In the world of tailgating, arrive early to secure your bid on prime real estate. Arriving early gives you time to find A+ parking, get settled, and start the fun before things get crazy. Just as you wouldn’t be late to the game, don’t be late to the tailgate!  

2) Remember Your Fuel and Ice 

Just as you were about to fire up the BBQ….You forgot the propane (or charcoal briquettes)! Remember fuel for your BBQ and ice for your cooler so that you have a fully cooked meal and freshly chilled drinks for the day ahead. P.S. our little Franz fit perfectly inside a cooler!     

3) Pace Yourself (& Bring Too Much Water) 

After hours of tailgating you have hours of football ahead, pace yourself during the tailgate and drink plenty of water. Remember, you’d rather go home with water to spare then no water and a case of heavy-duty dehydration.   

4) Sharing is Caring  

Bring goodies to share! From your chips and dip to your fresh baked cookies to your Franzia boxes, share with your Franz. Because sharing IS caring…Plus everyone deserves to enjoy the fun.  

Proper tailgating etiquette? Bringing enough Franzia to go around!

5) Play A Friendly Game or Two 

Bring a ball to toss around, but always remember, just because you were backup quarterback in high school does not mean you’re quarterback of the parking lot during tailgates. 

6) Leave Room for Your Franz 

For all those who disregard tailgating etiquette tip #1, leave them a little room to enjoy the fun (even if they are arriving late). While you may think you need two parking spots, you don’t. Share the lot like you share the road!  

7) Fantasy Football Exceptions 

You are permitted to root for members of the opposing team ONLY if they are members of your fantasy team, and your Franz are aware of these circumstances.   

8) Remember the Post-Game Snacks  

It’s a long game, and while you may have eaten your weight in burgers before the game (and enjoyed a hotdog or two during the game), you will leave the game hungry. You aren’t yourself when you’re hungry, so bring snacks for the car ride home.    

When everything is all said and done, the number one rule of tailgating is have fun before the game! Happy footballing to all our Franz out there.