5 Franzia Gift Wrapping Hacks

The perfect present does exist… spoiler alert, it’s wine! Whether you’re headed to your company’s holiday party, getting together with your old friends from college for a white elephant gift exchange, or just going to your parent’s house for the festivities, a box of Franzia is the perfect gift. We’re sharing 5 of our favorite gift wrapping hacks so you can dress up your box of Franzia, big or small, for the holidays.

Put a bow on it

For those of you who leave gift wrapping to the absolute last second (no judgment), putting a bow on a box of Franzia is a simple and easy way to transform a box of wine into a fabulous present. Your dad will be blown away by your ingenuity. Your mom, maybe, not so much.

Wrap it like a normal present

If you’re bringing Franzia to white elephant party, wrap it like a normal present so it blends in with the rest of the gifts. It will likely be one of the heaviest boxes in the mix, making it one of the most enticing to choose. No wrapping paper? No problem! We’ve got you covered with this gift-wrapping hack: use one of the brown paper bags you got at the grocery store to wrap your gift. It looks surprisingly festive, plus you can decorate the outside of the package however you want.

Pop on a festive holiday hat

Not to brag, but our 1.5L box looks great in a holiday hat, and we’re of the belief that two gifts are always better than one. Not only does the gift recipient get a delicious box of wine to enjoy, but they also have something cool to wear for the remainder of the party.

Stuff a Tetra inside a stocking

Stockings are truly the ideal gifting vessel, and our Tetra’s just so happen to slide into them perfectly. Pro tip: don’t hang stockings filled with wine too close to an open fire. We recommend making mulled wine if warm wine is something you’re into.

Drum roll please…

Build our 5L box into a gingerbread house

We bet you never thought of gingerbread cookies as gift wrap. If you’re headed to a holiday dinner party, this is the ultimate hostess gift. It’s a perfect table centerpiece, it’s a dessert, and its wine! Everyone will be impressed by your creative gift-wrapping technique. It’s bound to be the talk of whatever holiday party you bring it to.

Share your gift-wrapping hacks with us and show us how you dress up your box of Franzia for the holidays, @franziawines or #FranzForLife!