Wine Dispensing Bag-O-Lantern

Franzia's Wine Dispensing Bag-O-Lantern

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Jack-O-Lantern Wine Dispensing Bag-O-Lantern

Why carve your basic jack-o-lantern, when you can carve a wine dispensing bag-o-lantern? We’ll walk you through how to create this Halloween masterpiece in just three easy to follow steps.


Carving a face in a pumpkin to prepare it to become a Franzia wine dispensing jack-o-lantern

Step 1:

Make a hole in the top of the pumpkin, removing the stem. Scoop out all of the innards.

Removing the bag from a box of Franzia to place inside the pumpkin.

Step 2:

Carve a fun face into the pumpkin. Place the bag inside through the top opening of the gourd, making sure the spout is coming through the mouth.

Step 3:

Dispense wine as you would normally, but laugh like a witch.



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