What Your Favorite Franzia Varietal Says About You

Different Franzia varietals

The only personality synopsis you’ll ever need. Here’s what your favorite Franzia varietal says about you:

Sunset Blush

A true crowd pleaser, and the most generous one of the crew.  You whole heartedly believe in “sharing is caring”. You understand the importance of work-life balance, and how to slow down and enjoy the ride. Life is only as good as the friends that you share it with.


You’re super trendy, but in like a classy way. You can often be found lying out in the sunshine on the nicest day, even if it means you skipped other important responsibilities. There’s never been a party that you weren’t invited to. You’re super outgoing, and people genuinely like being around you. Your only flaw is that you like to talk during movies.

White Zin

You’re the life of every party, and you love 80’s pop. You have a heart of gold, and are lowkey of the nicest people on the planet. It’s truly impossible to get mad at you. Even when you do something questionable or foolish, you’re far too lovable to criticize.

Pink Moscato

It’s impossible to snap a bad picture of you – you’re ridiculously photogenic. You wake up early to go for a run after being out late the night before, while your friends sleep till noon. You’ll likely be asked to be the best man or MOH for multiple friends throughout your life because you’re so on it.

White Merlot

Your laugh is funnier than the actual joke. You were likely the last one to fall asleep at sleepovers growing up, and you have no idea how to be quiet. You’ve probably called your boss “bro” or “dude” on multiple occasions, and you’ve never worn your hat forwards.

Dark Red Blend

You’re a bit more sophisticated than most. You’ve likely been described as unapproachable or intimidating, but you’re actually a deeply loyal friend.

Bold and Jammy Cabernet Sauvignon

There’s nothing subtle about you. You have one of those voices that carries across a crowded party. Nothing stands between you and what you want. Your friends might describe you as a little bit of a loose cannon, but that’s part of why being around you is so much fun.


Thank goodness for technology, because you have no sense of direction. You’ve found yourself in some questionable situations throughout your life, but you always come out the other side generally unscathed with a good story to tell. You live your life by the motto “I’m not lost, I’m on an adventure”.

Fruity Red Sangria

You’re definitely here for a good time. What is a good box of wine if you have no one to share it with? You’ve always been one of the cool kids – everyone is drawn to your vibrant energy. You also probably have 35 unread text messages.

Sauvignon Blanc

You love taking selfies, and you’re a pro at dating apps. Your friends come to you when they need help updating their bio or need advice on how to respond to a text. You might spend a tad too much time on social media, but your friends can always count on you to hype them up in the comments.


You started the group text, you made the reservation, you printed the coupon. You’re always the one with the plan, which is why your friends might call you “mom” or “dad”. Sometimes they clown on you for your super protective phone case, but you’ll have the pleasure of saying “I told you so” when their screen breaks.

Chillable Red

Unpredictable and surprising.  You know you’re not like everyone else and have always proudly marched to the beat of your own drum. Your self-confidence is unparalleled – warranted or not.

Rich and Buttery Chardonnay

Mac and cheese is your favorite meal, and you think ranch makes everything taste better. A true team player. You’re the friend that stops Jessica from texting her ex, and orders pizza for the crew at 11pm. Your top priority is making sure everyone is having a good time.

Crisp White

If you don’t own a boat, you’re close with someone who definitely does. Your friends like to clown on you for your perfect social media aesthetic, but you’re genuinely unbothered. You do you boo.

Refreshing White

Only slightly different than your Crisp White sibling… Your name is either Chad or Brad, or you’ve dated a Chad. You don’t own a boat, but you have six pairs of boat shoes in different colors. You’re also that friend who’s always hungry.

Pinot Grigio

You have the best taste in music. From bad break up playlists to pumped up work out jams, you’ve got it covered. Wouldn’t be shocking if you even briefly considered being a DJ as a career path.


You often stop to pet peoples’ dogs while you’re walking down the street. You’re also the friend that says you’re on your way when you haven’t even left your house yet. You’re a little basic, but that’s totally fine. Plus, you give the best hugs.

Pinot Noir

You worked on a documentary in college that you forced the rest of your friends to sit through. You also let those same friends copy off your homework the entire quarter. You always call instead of text, and your friends both love you and hate you for it.


You’re typically not one to make the first move, and it takes you a while to open up to people. Likely described as the intellectual of your friend group, and a total master of the Irish goodbye.


You know everything, about everyone, and everything. Your friends come to you whenever they need advice, or a partner for their trivia team. You’ve likely been referred to as an old soul or a wise owl at least a time or two in your life, and you tell the best dad jokes of all time.