Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with FRANZ

We love FRANZ-ships of all kinds, and Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love with the ones you love most. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning to spend the day with your significant other, best friends, or dog – we’ve got three fun ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day with FRANZ, complete with some awesome new Franzia merch gift ideas. Cheers to romances and bromances alike!

Plan a romantic date night at home with your boy-FRANZ / girl-FRANZ

Sweep your sweetheart off their feet with a lovely evening at home together. You could order takeout from your favorite restaurant and plate it up to make it look all-fancy, or grab a couple steaks at the grocery store and impress them with a lavish homecooked meal. Don’t worry, there’s like a million internet videos that can teach you how to cook the perfect steak in minutes. After dinner, play a board game together or cuddle up on the couch for a silly rom-com. It might sound simple, but it will be absolutely perfect.

Surprise them with adorable matching pjs, perfect for snuggling and working from home together. Since no one sees your bottom half during your virtual meetings, it’ll be a fun little secret the two of you have. If you and your boo prefer not to match, but would rather coordinate your love of FRANZ, these Franzia hats are perfect for those early morning coffee runs. A little Chillable Red for them, and some Sunset Blush for you.

New Franzia FRANZ-ship collection merch featuring the two ball caps and printed pajamas

Bake some sweet treats for your best FRANZ

Galentine’s Day might be an even bigger deal that Valentine’s Day (sorry dudes, there’s just not a bro-entine equivalent.) Your FRANZ fill your life with so much laughter, so fill their bellies with some delicious homemade treats. Drop off some chunky chocolate chip cookies on their doorstep, or surprise them with some decadent chocolate cupcakes. Bonus points to the FRANZ that find a way to incorporate wine into the recipe.

But what else do you get your best FRANZ, you may ask? The options are limitless. Pins, scrunchies, cropped hoodies, a new long sleeve, or of course our personal favorite – FRANZ-ship necklaces. When was the last time you and your BFF rocked matching necklaces? If you don’t remember, order them now.

New Franzia FRANZ-ship collection merch featuring scrunchies, pins, and a long sleeve shirt.

Enjoy a romantic walk with your four-legged FRANZ

Let’s be totally honest, dogs are absolutely the best to celebrate Valentine’s Day with. Who else is always, without fail, happy to see you? Plus, they never get upset when you forget to text them back right away. You’re their favorite human on the planet, and all they want is to spend some good old fashioned quality time with you. They’re the real MVP, so reward them with their favorite thing: a long walk. Walk by the beach, through the snow, climb a mountain, stroll the neighborhood – as long as they’re out with you, nothing else matters. Go wherever adventure may lead you, and you and your puppers will have an amazing day.

Watch the excitement course through their body when you surprise them with a brand new Franzia collar and leash. Their tail will be out of control wagging, and you should be prepared for zoomies to ensue. You can even get a pair of matching socks for yourself if you’re really feeling like showing off your FRANZ-ship.

New Franzia FRANZ-ship collection merch for your dog and you. Matching bandanas, collars, leashes, and socks.

The FRANZ-ship Collection just dropped on the merch store. There’s plenty of awesome new merch for you and all of your FRANZ to enjoy. Let us know what your favorite new items are, and if there’s anything else you’d like to see!

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