Great Things Come from Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes may spend their days out of the limelight, but they’re the protective life vests of some of our favorite things and they deserve a lot more attention than they get. Join us as we appreciate cardboard boxes in all their splendor:

6 Wonderful Items that Come from Cardboard Boxes

1. Franzia

Let’s just get this five liter elephant in the room out of the way…Yes, Franzia comes in a cardboard box! What makes this box great is that it pairs perfectly with other boxed wonders (try any of the below combos, we dare you). Found in a variety of formats and flavors – we’re talking 5 liters, 3 liters, 500 ml tetras, you name it! – Franzia is made to please everyone’s taste buds, bringing Franz together since 1906.

2. Fries

Cardboard boxes overflowing with fries…what a great way to get in some of your daily veggies!

Has anyone seen a package that does it better than a cardboard box when enjoying french fries, curly fries, or waffle fries? Go ahead, we’ll wait.

3. Pizza

Deep dish, thin crust, meat lovers, vegetarian, you name it, pizza boxes don’t discriminate. Whether you’re a Chicagoan hell bent on deep dish being the only real pizza, or a New Yorker ready to throw down over your NY style pizza, the Switzerland in this everlasting feud is the box your pizza comes from.

4. Cats

While it was nice of you to spend $50 on a heated, memory foam bed for your antisocial roommate who poops in a box (err, your cat*), you’re really nothing to them until you bring home a cardboard box for them to call home.

5. Your Online Order

Whether you’re opening up a box of toothpicks, a box of man bun hair care products, or a new phone, something about unboxing is a cause for going live on social and sharing this moment with your Franz. We may be partial to boxes, but what do all three of these items share in common?

6. Chinese Takeout

From fried rice to sweet & sour pork, Chinese takeout should come from one container, and one container alone, a small cardboard box complete with a little metal handle.

So here we are, in a time when packaging is constantly evolving, with six iconic items/furry creatures that have, and hopefully will always come from cardboard boxes.