6 Telltale Signs You Have Grown Up

We go through life with the typical milestones – graduating from college, getting married, and having kids – but there are a few very important points in life that we fail to recognize as BIG, celebratory moments. What are these moments? They’re the six telltale signs that you have officially grown up (or become at least 65% adult).

  1. Your Paycheck Lasts Longer than the First Day

You made it to Sunday morning and can afford brunch? OMG, congrats not-young grasshopper, you’re an adult! Enjoy those bottomless mimosas, because bottom sure isn’t where your bank account is!

  1. You Finished Your Taxes (…by September)

How many extensions does it take to get your taxes filed? The world may never know…But the fact that you are filing an extension in the first place means you’re a mostly-grown adult!

  1. You Can Pair Wine with Food

You may not be perfect at it (just yet), but if you know better than to drink Moscato with steak then you’re basically an adult.

  1. You Have Mastered the Art of TV Dinners

On the topic of pairing wine with food, you are an adult if you have mastered your TV dinner and its microwave settings: 1) the perfect power level 2) the cook time (down to the second) 3) cook mode (defrost mode, what what!). Our recommendations? TV dinner or turkey, mashed potatoes, and green beans go great with our NEW buttery Chardonnay! Similar to a TV dinner, if you can microwave your popcorn without burning it, you have reached enlightenment.

  1. You are Excited to Buy a Washer & Dryer

This sign can also come in the form of a purchase of a vacuum, an AC, and, most important to us over here at Franzia, a new fridge (hopefully with more room for Sunset Blush).

  1. Vacation Requests Incorporate a “Recovery Day” Upon Return

Get a few vacations under your belt and you’ll realize that you need a day to “recover”. Your recovery day will actually entail sleeping in (jetlag definitely gets the best of you), getting groceries, meal prepping, unpacking, cleaning, and spending time wishing you were still on vacation. One word: adult.

  1. You Can Get Out of Bed Before 8AM (With the Help of a Few Snoozes)

This one needs no explaining. You got out of bed before your dog AND you got to work on time. You’re adult-ing.